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Windsor Mews is a 130 unit garage townhouse community established initially by Trafalgar House Property, Inc. in 1995. All owners within Windsor Mews are members of the Windsor Mews Owners Association, Inc., a Virginia non-stock corporation.

The primary purpose of a homeowners association (HOA) is to manage the neighborhood's common areas such as roads, sidewalks and shared land and to help maintain the visual aesthetics of the community. The HOA oversees community services like grass cutting, planting of flowers, snow removal, and trash collection. All of these services are paid for by the dues paid by the homeowners.

An elected, volunteer board of directors is responsible for managing the association.


Windsor Mews Roadway Resurfacing Project FAQ

About the Project

The current road surface is the original from when the neighborhood was constructed over 20 years ago and has reached the end of its useful life. Between now and October 5 (detailed schedule TBD), work crews will be in the neighborhood to remove the current roadway and replace it with new asphalt. In addition, sections of sidewalk that have become displaced or damaged will also be replaced.

What is going on with the parking restrictions?

The first phase of the project, starting August 26, is the concrete work to repair the sidewalks, gutters, and curbs. In order to make room for the equipment, no parking can be allowed within 20 feet of the work area. Unfortunately, it turns out that this impacts nearly all of the guest (street) parking spaces.

That's all well and good, but where are my guests supposed to park?

The Board has obtained permission from management at Home Depot and Costco to allow impacted residents to use their parking lots as overflow parking during this project. Please do not park in the Costco loading dock area as this is reserved for employees only.

How long will this phase last?

Everything will depend on the weather, but if there are no rain delays the concrete work should complete within 3 days. As work is completed around the neighborhood, the parking restrictions will be lifted accordingly (indicated by the removal or change of the signs).

What about the rest of the project?

Details of the schedule for the roadway resurfacing are still pending some additional discussions, but we should have at least two weeks notice to post signs, flyers, mailings, etc. informing everyone of the work. We anticipate the work will be done in three phases, so only a third of the community will be impacted at a time. During the work, there will be additional parking restrictions and road closures, so it will be critical to pay attention to the notices and this website for detailed information.

My car was towed!

Sorry to hear that. Dominion Towing provides towing services for the community. They can be reached 24/7 at 703-339-2400 or

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Summer 2019 Newsletter

The Summer 2019 Windsor Mews HOA Newsletter was recently mailed to all homeowners. View or download a digital copy here!